Explore the rich culture of Indian music and dance with Parvyn and Josh from BluGuru, in an engaging school performance that ranges from ancient tradition styles through to modern Bollywood. Learn some classical dance moves, find out how to “speak tabla”, hear the magic of the sitar, and get your head wobbling Indian style with this interactive and fun performance.

The Indian film industry "Bollywood" churns out hundreds of movies a year, each filled with colour, music and a generous dose of mayhem. The music and dances fuse classical and folk traditions with modern international styles like jazz, latin and hip-hop. Learn some signature dance moves like 'the lightbulb', as well as how to tell stories through dance and expression while having fun and being active.

Parvyn regularly visits India to study Kathak, a classical form of dance that uses bells wrapped around the ankles to produce complex rhythmic patterns combined with graceful movment and spins. She has also grown up performing Punjabi folk "Bhangra" dance as well as hip-hop, breakdance, and salsa. Her choreography is a mixture of classical and modern dance moves, which is what Bollywood is all about. Her experience and expertise with entertaining an audience of any age comes from many years of presenting workshops and performances worldwide, starting when she was five with the Dya Singh World Music Group, and now taking the world by storm with her band The Bombay Royale. She will have everyone up and dancing, trying things they have never done before in a fun and easy-going way.

Josh is a renowned multi-instrumentalist who accompanies Parvyn on the Indian sitar and tabla. Classically trained on sitar in India from Smt Manju Mehta, a student of Pandit Ravi Shankar, Josh has performed all over the world, including at the prestigious Saptak music festival in Ahmedabad India. He brings his knowledge of Indian instruments and music to the audience in a way that's easy to understand and learn, including how the instruments are made and how to play them, and even teaches the audience how to "speak tabla", using the syllables that match each way of playing the drums to form rhythmic patterns.

Together Parvyn and Josh present an educational and interactive performance that includes learning a Bollywood dance routine, while also getting an understanding of the history and culture behind Indian dance, music and musical instruments.